Fascia and Soffit: Aluminium vs. Other Materials

While timber was the traditional material of choice for fascia and soffit, the modern market is now flooded with a variety of different material choices. We’re here to set the record straight – how does one of the more modern options, aluminium fascia and soffit, compare to other options?

Are aluminium soffits better than wood?

Aluminium is undoubtedly a better choice for roofline products than wood. Wood may be cheap to produce and purchase, but the customer pays for it over and over in the form of maintenance and replacements over the years.

Because it is a porous material, wood is extremely susceptible to rot and warping when it comes into contact with water. Aluminium, on the other hand, has a durable, protective layer that stops it from corroding or rusting. It’s also highly weatherproof, and won’t warp or buckle when it comes into contact with water.

Is aluminium soffit better than steel?

Aluminium and steel are both strong, durable metals, and great choices for fascia and soffit – however, aluminium still outdoes steel in its robustness. Steel can be susceptible to rust over the years, whereas aluminium does not rust. Steel is also more difficult to maintain too, so overall the easier and therefore better option here is aluminium.

Is aluminium soffit better than PVC?

This is more of a tricky one. PVC is a more budget-friendly option for the roofline, as it tends to cost less upfront than aluminium. However, aluminium generally lasts longer, so it could be argued that it costs less over time when it comes to maintenance and replacements.

Both aluminium and PVC are also versatile in colour and profile – PVC fascia can be found in a variety of colours and finishes, and aluminium is usually finished in a range of colours too. Overall, it stands to personal taste – aluminium offers a modern finish to any roofline, whereas PVC can be used to create a traditional aesthetic effect with modern functional benefits.

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