How to Repair Cast Iron Gutters

You may find your paint is flaky or your joints are getting loose over time, so it is important to know how to repair and fix your cast iron gutters if these issues arise. 

Keep reading to find out some common issues around cast iron gutters and how to fix them. 

Rusting Gutters 

If your gutters are rusted, there may be a few fixes. Smaller patches of rust can be rubbed off with an emery cloth and painted over. Larger areas of rust may respond better to being brushed off with a wire hand brush fitted onto a drill. 

The brushed off areas should then be painted with a rust-inhibiting primer and painted over with a matching paint to the cast iron finish. Any small holes should also be filled with a silicone sealant, but the presence of any larger holes should be solved by a new gutter length installation. 

Leaking Joints 

Leaking joints are quite a common issue that can affect many gutter systems over time. To fix, scrape out any of the dirt from the joint and make sure it is dry. Use a low-modulus neutral cure silicone and inject this into the joint. Press the gutter lengths into the joint to create a tight seal, and this should stop the problem. If the guttering still leaks or sags after this fix, you may need to install additional brackets to support the weight of the gutter. 

Blocked Outlets 

Blocked outlets are usually caused by a build-up of debris and are not a huge worry. To clear these, block your downpipe with a rag to prevent any debris from getting into the drain, and scoop away the leaves and debris from the gutter. Rinse the gutter through to ensure no silt is left over, and as a preventative measure you could fit a LeafGuard cover over the outlet, and a gutter guard over the guttering. 

Loose Downpipes 

If one or your downpipes is loose, your bolts on your connecting clips could be worn or loose or moved from being tightly attached to the wall. You should replace or refix the bolts and screws and check no other components are damaged. 

Flaky Paint 

You may find that over time, thanks to the harsh conditions caused by the elements, paint might flake off from your cast iron gutter. This is no big deal, you should simply scrape any loose flakes off, clean the gutter out, and prime them with a good rust-inhibiting primer. You can then repaint with an oil-based paint (not water based, else the paint will run when it rains!) and you should probably apply 2 coats to ensure this paint cover lasts. 

Lack of Running Water 

If you find your gutters are not draining as they should, it could be due to uneven installation. Each of your gutter brackets should have a very slight fall to encourage water to run down the system until it reaches the lowest part and is then discharged. You will want to make sure the water in your system is never static, as in winter this can damage the gutters through expansion when the water freezes. To fix this, you will want to unfix the brackets and unclip the guttering where it is affected, and then refit the gutter brackets with a spirit level, ensuring you do so with a slight fall. 

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