What Is The Best Sealant for Cast Iron Gutters?

Cast iron gutters are assembled in sections with rubber ring seals to create a tight seal and prevent leakages. Over time, the weather and general wear and tear can cause these seals to distort and become loose, which can lead to leakages in your gutter system 

The way to fix this is to use a sealant to fix the joints, but so many people are unsure what sealant is best to use with cast iron gutters. Often, silicone sealant is know to be the go-to, but bear in mind all sealants are not made the same and the type you choose may not always work – your surface needs to be dry and ensure that the silicone will not evaporate or cause shrinkage. 

So What Sealant Can I Use? 

A low modulus, silicone sealant or specialist, such as CT1, is the best sealant to use.  

CT1 acts as both a sealant and construction adhesive, but its best feature is the ability to form perfect seals in the wet weather. Nothing would be worse than finding out your gutters are leaking in the middle of winter and not having a dry spell to be able to fix them! Bonds made from CT1 will not loosen over time either, but will stay flexible without effecting the seal or adhesion of the joint. 

A sealant that accommodates movement is even more useful in the winter, stormy weather can cause the gutters to move a lot, so knowing your sealant can withstand this is key. 

How Do I Fix a Leaking Gutter? 

Fixing a leaking gutter is pretty simple. With your cartridge of CT1, simply point it and apply where the product is needed – the thing nozzle ensures accurate and precise application. 

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