Channel Drain Maintenance

Like any drainage system, channel drains can get clogged up by dirt and debris over time which can lead to them becoming ineffective and not performing as efficiently as they should.

Channel drains are relatively simple when it comes to maintenance, and do not need any expert knowledge or specialist equipment can be done by anyone as and when needed.

Here’s our run through of how to maintain your channel drains:

  1. Remove the grating protecting the channel drain. You might need a screwdriver to do this depending on the type of drain you have.
  2. Once you begin to lift the grate, you will need to be careful not to snap it, so ease the grate at various points along the length if possible, rather than pulling solely from one end.
  3. Clean by removing any debris such as dirt and soil by hand.
  4. Flush out the channel to disperse the smaller remaining patches of debris.
  5. If your channel drain is plastic, be careful not to apply too much pressure to the drain system to minimise breakage risk.
  6. Once you’ve cleaned your drain, you’ll need to reposition the grate and apply some pressure to snap the top fitting into place.

After this, your channel drain maintenance is pretty much done! This basic maintenance is something to be done on a regular basis, but if there are further issues with your channel drain it’s definitely a good idea to call a professional if this maintenance doesn’t work.

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