What Tools And Fixings Do I Need To Install Composite Cladding?

When it comes to fixing and installing cladding, it’s best to be prepared and have everything you need to hand to avoid a last-minute scramble when you realise your screws are the wrong style, or you’re missing a key tool! 

We’ve put together a handy list of everything you should need to install Ecoscape composite cladding. 

Tools We Recommend 

Most standard woodworking tools can be used when working with and installing Ecoscape cladding. Such tools include the likes of: 

  • Saws – this could be a circular saw, mitre saw or jig saw, all to help you cut the cladding panels and trims to size 
  • Hand Drill and 3mm drill bits – this will help you secure cladding screws to the panels 
  • Tape Measure – this will assist you in measuring your cuts accurately 
  • Set Square – this will ensure angles are precisely measured 
  • String Line – this can ensure the boards are level across wide distances 

Fixings You Will Need

There are certain fixings specifically designed to be used with Ecoscape cladding. 

  • Aluminium Screws – to attach the starter bar to any supporting joists 
  • Cladding clips – these clips attach to the boards and provide the space for the boards to slot together 
  • Wood Screws for cladding clips – these are used to attach the cladding clips to the boards 
  • Plastic Pads – these screws will screw into these pads and they act as a buffer, preventing any damage to the finish of the boards 

If there’s any more questions you have or advice you need, don’t hesitate to take a look at our other guides and tips, or get in touch with our friendly team.