Composite Decking Overview

What is composite decking 

Composite decking is a man-made building material composed of a mixture of wood fibers, polymers, and a limited quantity of bonding agents. This blend is then heated, moulded into lengths that resemble boards, and then cooled. The finished boards seem more authentic than plastic substitutes while requiring significantly less upkeep than conventional wood decking. 

What are composite decking boards made of?  

Matching parts of plastic and wood fibre are combined with colours, UV blockers, and borate preservatives to create composite decking boards, which are then typically heated and extruded. Before the surface cools, the texture, if any, is imprinted onto the warm surface. 

What are the benefits of composite decking?  


Unlike timber, composite decking is exceptionally durable. This high-performance decking does not split, splinter or rot, guaranteeing your safety. It offers high weather resistance and protection qualities due to the characteristics of the materials – the boards are:  

  • Waterproof  
  • Insect-proof  
  • Flame retardant  
  • Anti-corrosive 
  • Fade-resistant  


The minimum life expectancy of decking planks is 25 years, but with the proper upkeep, they can last for way longer. At Composite Sales, we supply composite boards with a 20-year warranty. Due to all of their qualities mentioned above, the boards are highly resilient.  


As opposed to traditional timber, the composite decking maintenance is minimal. This innovative material does not require staining or painting because of the added UV-stabilizer that keeps the boards’ colour from fading. A quick wash with soapy water is all you will need for the majority of the decking’s upkeep.  


The advantages of composite decking in the long run exceed the lower cost of a conventional wood deck. A composite deck may initially cost more than a wood deck. However, a composite deck can provide greater long-term savings after maintenance, recoloring, re-staining, and repair expenses for a wood deck are taken into account. 

A composite deck can pay for itself in a few years as you enjoy the benefits of its long-lasting rich colours, inspired by nature hues, realistic grain patterns and low maintenance requirements. 


For a long time, the only option for designing an outdoor retreat was a wood deck. However, millions of trees were lost as a result of mass manufacturing and upkeep of wood decks. That is why our products are created from new green landscaping material that protects the environment whilst providing durability.  

Now you can enjoy a stunning outdoor space that not only looks good and has many benefits but that does good as well.