Ecoscape Decking FAQs

As with any advanced and innovative product, there are always questions surrounding the use and benefits of composite decking (also known as WPC decking). We’ve put together a guide of some of the most frequently asked questions about Ecoscape decking – take a look and see if your question has been answered below! 

Can I Pressure Wash Ecoscape Composite Decking? 

We do not recommend pressure washing your decking. Holding the jet too close to the deck can etch into the plastic. To clean your decking, we recommend twice annually hosing, wiping or brushing your deck down with soapy water. 

If pressure washing your decking is absolutely essential and you have no other options, do so at the lowest pressure possible (3100 psi or less) and hold the jet no closer than 8” from the surface. 

Do I Need to Treat my Ecoscape Composite Decking? 

There is no need to treat Ecoscape decking whatsoever – this includes painting, treating, sealing, sanding and staining.  

Does Ecoscape Composite Decking Get Hot? 

Much like wooden decking, composite decks can get hot in direct sunlight. Our Forma boards are designed with an added co-extruded layer to keep cooler in warm weather but to negate the effects of sunlight, you could consider: 

  • Installing your decking outside of direct sunlight 
  • Choosing a light colour deck that absorbs less heat 
  • Using a parasol to block parts of the deck from sunlight 
  • Wearing sandals and avoiding bare feet on the deck in hot temperatures 

Will Ecoscape Composite Decking Rot, Fade or Warp? 

Whether treated or not, sealed or not, whatever weather conditions they’re exposed to, Ecoscape composite decking boards will not rot or warp for at least the time specified in the minimum guarantee (usually 20-25 years). 

Some fading can be expected – in a sense, the decking is a victim of its longevity – the extended lifespan means more frequent use and exposure could result in less vibrant colour in comparison to a timber deck that might be replaced more often. However, all Ecoscape decking ranges are incredibly colour-stable and treated for UV protection, making this less likely. 

Will Adding an Ecoscape Composite Deck Increase My Home’s Value? 

Although there is no definite guarantee that installing composite decking will result in added value to your home, it is a likely possibility. Homeowners are always looking for garden appeal and the ability to make more of the outside space of a home, particularly homeowners with children. Factoring this in, and the fact that adding composite decking can boost these opportunities, it is not uncommon to see decking add 10-20% onto your home’s value. 

Can I Use Normal Woodworking Tools on Ecoscape Composite Decking? 

Yes, it is recommended to use standard woodworking tools with Ecoscape decking. 

Will Ecoscape Composite Decking Expand and Contract? 

Changes in temperature cause composite decking to expand and contract but in very minor ways. The boards will be at their largest in the heat and will reduce in size as they cool. The boards will always return to their normal size in neutral weather conditions, so it is likely that you will never even notice this happening. 

Do You Need to Stagger Ecoscape Composite Decking? 

Although you can stagger composite decking, it is not recommended for Ecoscape branded boards. Staggered decking usually requires the use of butt joints, but composite decking expands and contracts with changing temperatures. This means the temperature changes and subsequent board changes could make the butt joints look unsightly. 

If you’re looking for more help, or you had a question we’ve not covered here, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today!