Composite Fencing Overview

What is composite fencing? 

Composite fencing is an innovative product that combines real recycled wood and plastic to provide a durable, low-maintenance solution to wood. Due to the combination of wood and plastic, composite fence boards are more weatherproof than traditional ones, which means they will outlast any pure timber version. 

What is composite fence made of? 

Composite fences are produced by combining two or more materials to produce a sturdier structure. Composite fencing panels are often created by pressing recycled sawdust and pulverized plastic into high-pressure moulds. The materials are then bonded together by resins. 

Are composite fence boards good? 

Modern composite fencing offers an abundance of benefits such as:  

  • Longevity – this type of fencing has a minimum of 20 years life expectancy, but with the right care it can last up to 50 years 
  • Endurance – due to the materials composite fences are built from, their core strength is exceptionally high, meaning that they will withstand strong winds and other severe weather conditions 
  • Anti-split surface – the WPC fence panels do not split or splinter – this allows you to preserve the same look for many years without having to deal with the splintering that comes with standard timber fences  
  • No staining or painting – unlike wood, composites do not require any maintenance like staining or painting – a soapy wash is all that you need for their upkeep  
  • Mould and insect-free surface 
  • UV resistance