How To Install Composite Fencing


Although our composite fencing is highly durable, our recommendation is to follow these guidelines for storage, handling, and installation.

  • Products should be stored in a dry place until ready to install
  • All composite materials should be stored at 500mm intervals above the ground
  • To avoid damage to the fencing boards, they should be lifted and set down with care. It is not recommended to slide boards over one another.


Like for every project, safety measures should be taken before the installment is made:

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) should be always worn - gloves, protective eye wear, dust mask, long sleeves, and trousers.
  • You can install our WPC fencing using standard tools. For best effectiveness, our recommendation is to use a 60T+ Multipurpose Aluminium blade


Before you start, you should calculate how much Ecoscape Fencing material will be needed. You can follow the method below:

Measure the length and height of your fence

To work out how many fence boards you will need, divide the length of the fence by 1905mm. This measurement is the total width of a panel including the centre of posts as illustrated below:

Composite Fence Posts Plan View

Composite Fence Expansion Gap Values

Calculate the height

Fence boards are 1830mm in length x 157mm in height but have a finished face of 150mm. We have listed the number of fence panels required to reach a certain height below:

  • 12 x boards = 1800mm (6ft)
  • 10 x boards = 1500mm (5ft)
  • 8 x boards = 1200mm (4ft)
  • 6 x boards = 900mm (3ft)


There are 3 main methods to installing Ecoscape Composite Fencing:

Ecoscape Fencing Installation Methods

Into ground or grass – with a concrete footing:

  1. Mark out the fence line and dig holes
  2. Set the first steel insert in concrete
  3. Ensure the post is in a horizontal position and set out the next
  4. Complete fence panel or continue to set outposts
  5. Insert the aluminum bottom rail
  6. Insert the fence boards
  7. Slot the fence boards in between the posts
  8. Finish the fence panels
  9. Secure the posts

Onto a concrete foundation or brick wall:

  1. Fix the fence base plate to the wall/footing
  2. Add the fence posts
  3. Secure the fence post and insert boards
  4. Finish the remaining panels

Retrofit – Into existing concrete posts

  1. Insert fence panels
  2. Install remaining boards


Our recommendation for Ecoscape Composite Fencing’s upkeep is to clean it once or twice a year, using either:

  • An all-purpose cleaner OR
  • A high-pressure cleaner (e.g., jet wash)

Burn marks from BBQ’s or similar can also be removed using a coarse piece of sandpaper (80gsm or similar), by rubbing the fence boards length-ways gently.