Composite Slatted Cladding Overview

What is composite slatted cladding? 

Composite cladding is a sustainable, durable, low-maintenance cladding produced from recycled plastic and wood fibres. Ecoscape slatted cladding offers cladding that may be utilised for interior or exterior applications and certain ranges come in a fire safety rating of class B. This type of cladding also features a tough polymer outer shell that surrounds the board and creates an impermeable layer that guards against scratching and fading. 

Is composite cladding any good? 

Buildings can benefit greatly from slatted composite cladding. To help you comprehend the significance of cladding and why it is a choice that should always be taken into consideration, we will go into some of the many benefits it offers below: 

  • Create a controlled internal environment 
  • Decorative and protective design purposes 
  • Shield the structure from the weather 
  • Ensure privacy and safety 
  • Prevent the transmission of sound 
  • Provide thermal insulation 
  • Limit the spread of the fire 

In conclusion, composite cladding that is properly fitted and well-designed offers improved aesthetics, less air leakage, better control of internal temperatures, increased energy efficiency, cheaper capital and operating costs, and low maintenance. 

Can you fit composite cladding vertically? 

Installation of composite slatted cladding can be done either vertically or horizontally – there are no additional advantages for either installation method. It all depends entirely on personal preference and aesthetic.  

Most homeowners see adding cladding as a way to transform and redecorate the exterior of their home, and they may have specific areas in mind where they want the wall cladding. 

Your property will look distinctive and modern and will appear wider and taller than it actually is if your cladding boards are installed in a vertical pattern.