How Can I Identify an Existing Gutter System?

Our Compatibility Chart at the bottom of this page shows whether or not our FloPlast guttering system can be connected to another system without the need for adaptors. But the first task is to identify that system - and that is not always easy. To help make things a little easier we have put together a quick guide detailing other current and historical gutter systems that have been used in the UK, and how to recognise them.

Step 1 - Grab your Camera or Pen & Paper!

Find a gutter fitting or a downpipe fitting, and take a closer look. Somewhere on it there will be a name, a logo or a product code - if it is a gutter fitting, this is usually on the bottom or the outside of the fitting, for downpipe fittings if it is not visible it may be at the rear facing the wall. You may need to give the fitting a quick clean with some soapy water to make the details visible. Copy down or photograph what you see, and read on!

Step 2 - Product Codes

Most if not all gutter or pipe fittings will have a product code stamped on them during the manufacturing process. This alone may confirm what make your gutter system is but if not, read the details below and then move on to step 3.

  • Begins with R - FloPlast, Polypipe or Marley - the logo stamped on the fitting will confirm which.
  • Begins with OT, 4T, 8T or 9T - Osma/Wavin 
  • Begins with BR - Brett Martin
  • Begins with RR, RS, RD or GROG - Most likely to be Polypipe - check logo
  • Begins with VR, BR or WR - Hunter Plastics
  • Begins with RC, RG - Most likely to be Marley Plumbing & Drainage - check logo

Step 3 - Identify the Logo

Below is a selection of the most popular logos - use these in conjunction with the code information above. It is quite possible that not all of the logo will be used, perhaps just the image - Polypipe for example just show the P with the circle around the outside on their fittings.

Floplast Polypipe Osma / Wavin Hunter Marley Brett Martin
Floplast Polypipe Osma Wavin Hunter Marley Brett Martin

If you are still unable to identify the make of product from the information, it is possible that your gutter system is now obsolete. PVC Gutters have been in existence since the late 1960's and whilst there haven't been that many manufacturers during that time, a number of companies are no longer in existence. The list in Step 4 below covers all of the ones that we are aware of.

Step 4 - There is a Name but no Logo

The following are all trade names that have either been acquired by other manufacturers, or are no longer in existence.

  • Hepworth - Now part of Osma/Wavin. Products no longer made but most systems are compatible with FloPlast as per the chart below
  • Terrain or Key Terrain - Now owned by Polypipe. Not compatible with FloPlast.
  • Marshall Tufflex - Now owned by Polypipe, products no longer made but most systems are compatible with FloPlast
  • Bartol - Very old system - no longer in existence - not compatible with modern systems
  • Rymway - Very old system - no longer in existence - not compatible with modern systems.
  • Ariel - Very old system - no longer in existence - not compatible with modern systems.



Having hopefully used the above clues to identify the gutter system, use the chart below to check compatibility with our FloPlast products. You can click on the image to download it as a PDF is you prefer. If you are still not sure, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

Floplast Compatibility System