Installing A Water Butt

Water butts are ideal for collecting and storing rainwater through your guttering systems, and they have become a must for any household or business looking to reduce the cost of their water rates whilst safeguarding the environment.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to installing a Water Butt, shaving ££'s off of your water bill and doing your own little but towards impoving our environment. 

For this project you will need: 

  • A water butt and stand
  • A rain diverter kit
  • A drill and 26mm holesaw
  • A Level, pencil and tape
  • A hacksaw

You can also browse our full range of water butts and accessories to complete your project. 

  1. Each water butt comes with a threaded hole in the side and a tap to fit, so it’s a case of screwing one into the other, nice and tight.
  2. The next job is to screw a 26mm hole, 100mm from the top of the water butt.
  3. Place the water butt on its stand and using a spirit level, level it with the bottom of the hole and align it with the water pipe and draw a line.
  4. Take the water butt out the way, then use a tape measure to measure 30 mm above the line.
  5. Use your hacksaw to saw to make a nice level cut along those two lines.
  6. Insert the diverter into the slot. The design of the rainwater diverter assures that your water butt will never over flow as any excess water will continue to flow in to the down pipe.
  7. Manoeuvre the rainwater pipe back into place with the diverter fitted in between.
  8. Connect the tank connector for the adapted into the top of the water butt (one washer inside, one washer outside).
  9. Move your water butt into place and take your flexi pipe which connects the rainwater diverter to the water butt. Measure the amount of pipe needed to attach the water butt to the water diverter and cut to size.
  10. Connect the pipe to the water diverter and the water butt.
  11. Complete a quick test with the hosepipe running in the gutter to ensure the system is working properly.

If you have any further questions or queries, visit the guides and tips section on our website or give us a call.

Items you will need

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