5 Golden Rules To Remember When Buying Gutters


Make sure you buy a British Standard approved system from a reputable supplier

There are plenty of Gutter Manufacturers supplying the UK market, but only a handful of good ones. Our gutters are made by the UK market leader Floplast, based in Sittingbourne, Kent. All of our guttering carries a minimum 10 Year Guarantee as every system is BS Approved and Kitemarked.

Make sure you understand exactly what you need to get the job done

Our jargon-busting infographic shows exactly what each piece of the gutter system is called in the trade and where it goes, so no excuses for getting it wrong! Seriously though, if you are still unsure after you taken a look at our guide then please do get in touch and we will talk you through it.

When measuring up, add on an extra 10% to your Gutter requirement

Unless you are a seasoned professional you will almost certainly be grateful to have a little more than you need - most gutter installation companies usually add on 10% for cuts and wastage just to be sure that they can finish the job without sending out for more materials.

If you are connecting up to another system, check that your new gutters will fit to the old.

Many different guttering systems will fit together quite easily, but some don't and some require adaptors. You can check this out by taking a look at our Gutter Compatibility Chart.

If you do decide you need an adaptor, take a look at our list of adaptors to make sure you choose the right one.

When comparing prices on line, don't forget to take account of Discounts and Delivery Charges.

It's the oldest trick in the book - all the items seem to be low priced and then when you are just about the press the button a large delivery charge is added. Our charges are transparent - spend over £75 ex-VAT (most of our orders are above this value) and your delivery is free. Below this level we charge £10 plus VAT, which covers packaging labour & materials and a contribution towards our carriage costs. We also apply a rising scale of discount to any order over £250 ex VAT - this is automatically added to your shopping basket.