New Industrial Square Colour - Galeco Grey

Introducing a new colour to our Industrial square range - Galeco Grey

Galeco Grey replaces our 135mm Anthracite Grey square gutter and is manufactured by leading European manufacturer Galeco who also supply all of our steel gutter systems.

Galeco Grey is the darkest of the grey colours that we offer coming in ~RAL7021. Also known as Black Grey the colour works well with modern or traditional buildings and can be used to set off other materials such as slate, glass and external claddings. An ideal solution for those looking for something slightly different.

Galeco Grey - RAL7021

Our 135mm industrial PVC square system is the deepest square gutter system available in the UK – perfect for larger or steeply pitched roofs. The flow rate is considerably higher than our standard square gutter, and the 70mm x 80mm rectangular downpipe is robust, with the ability to quickly discharge large amounts of rainwater.

Available Industrial Square Colours

Galeco Grey ~RAL7021 Galeco Grey RAL7021
Black ~RAL9005 RAL9005 Black

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To view a full downloadable installation guide of this guttering system on our website, click here.

Please note Galeco Grey is RAL code ~7021