What is a Cabin Hook?

Cabin hooks are small hooks that are supplied with matching eyes. They are used to hold doors and gates in an open or closed position. They can also be used similarly on cabinet doors, as well as patio doors – the latter of which is particularly useful if you want to keep your patio doors open while it’s breezy outside.

The hook is fixed onto a plate, which is attached to the door or gate, and can be manoeuvred up and down. The eye is also fixed to a plate, which is attached to the door frame or gate post to keep it closed, or to a nearby wall to keep it open. The hook threads into the eye, which allows the gate or door to stay in the fixed position of your choosing.

Cabin hooks are available in a variety of finishes, including BZP, Black, and Chrome Plated. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit a range of installations, both imperial and metric.

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