How to Change a Door Handle

To replace a door handle or knob, all you need is a new door handle set and a flathead screwdriver. Changing the current handle is typically a hassle-free process, whether you want to replace a worn-out doorknob or improve the aesthetic of a door with a new handle.

We have prepared a simple step-by-step guide to achieve best results when replacing a door handle:

  1. Secure the door: Open the door and place a doorstop under the bottom edge of the door.
  2. Pull the handle off by pushing the pressure release in with a screwdriver: Look for a tiny groove where the door handle or knob attaches to the cover plate on the side of the device or check the side of the cover plate where it rests flat against the door. The handle or doorknob can be removed by inserting a flat-head screwdriver tip into the slot and applying pressure with the tip of the screwdriver.
  3. Remove the door handle cover plates by unscrewing and pulling them off: Using the flat-head screwdriver, remove any screws holding the cover plates in place on each side of the door. Then, remove them and set them away by gently prying up on the plates with the edge of your screwdriver until they pop off.
  4. Remove the screws keeping the inner plates and latch in place: On the inner edge of the door, unscrew and remove the screws keeping the latch in place. Remove the screws on either side of the door that hold the inner plates in place.
  5. Remove the latch plate and the door latch mechanism: Pull the latch plate and mechanism out of the door's inside edge hole with care, then lay them aside. The plates on either side of the door should also be taken off and put away.
  6. Install the new door handle.

For a detailed guide on how to install a door handle or knob, check out our helpful article here.