How to fit a Hasp and Staple – and other FAQs

What is a Hasp and Staple?

A hasp and staple is a type of heavy-duty lock that is generally used to secure gates, garden sheds, and barn doors. It comprises of two components – the hasp and the staple!

Which is the Hasp and which is the Staple?

The hasp is a hinged metal plate that has a hole wide enough to fit over the staple, and is usually affixed to the moving leaf. The staple is a metal ring that attaches to a separate plate, which is attached to a surface near the moving leaf, such as a gate post, wall, or another door.

The when the door or gate is in a closed position, the hasp can be moved to cover the staple, which is then secured using a padlock.

How to fit a Hasp and Staple lock

Fitting a hasp and staple is actually fairly easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. With your gate or door in a closed position, hold your hasp and staple together against the gate or door and decide where you would like to install them. It’s important to do this when they’re interlocked, otherwise they might not align once they’re installed!
  2. Mark through the screw holes with a pencil.
  3. Drill pilot holes with an electric drill where you marked in step 2.
  4. Replace the staple, lining up the screw holes with your pilot holes, and fix into place.
  5. Do the same with the hasp. Close the door or gate and make sure it aligns!

How to measure a Hasp and Staple

Most Hasp and Staple locks will have the measurements listed when you buy them. Make sure to look at the product description before you buy – you don’t want to be surprised with a hasp and staple that is too big or too small!

If you can’t find the measurements, you can measure the components the same way you would measure anything else – using a tape measure!

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