Why Are Alukap Glazing Bars Good For Commercial Applications?

Alukap-SS Aluminium Glazing Bars are a great option for domestic use, but they’re also favoured by architects and specifiers as a preferred solution for commercial applications too.

Why Are Alukap Bars Good for Commercial Use?

Alukap-SS is fast becoming the first choice glazing bar for commercial use due to its many benefits. Featuring a fully aluminium structure, concealed gaskets, hidden fixings and the ability to take almost any thickness of glazing, ALUKAP®-SS offers a combination of qualities that make it a high-quality choice for heavy duty applications.

The glazing bar system also boasts a bespoke powder coating colour that blends perfectly with surrounding windows and facades, creating a natural fit with whatever your structure and surrounding buildings are.

Why Choose Alukap-SS?

There are a number of additional reasons as to why Alukap-SS glazing bars are being chosen by architects and specifiers alike.

Maintenance Free – these self-supported glazing bars incorporate the rafters into their design, eliminating the need for wooden rafters and any further maintenance on these. The powder coating of the glazing bars also provides a long lasting and quality finish.

Long Lifespan – compared to traditional wooden rafters, aluminium bars have an long lifespan. The aluminium bars are not prone to damp and rot like wood.

Easy Installation – Alukap-SS bars are incredibly easy to install, you can find installation instructions here. We also have a dedicated team on hand to assist with any queries during your installation process.

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