Coach Screw Applications

What are Coach Screws? 

Coach screws are heavy duty woodscrews that are idea for fastening straight into wood or masonry. Not to be confused with coach bolts, which fasten with a nut, coach screws are best when used to fasten heavy timber. 

They can be used to fix into stone or brickwork a nylon wall plug is needed for additional support. 

Coach Screw Benefits 

Coach screws are used for such heavy-duty projects as their unthreaded section adds strength and helps in being more resistant to shear forces than fully threaded variants. 

The sharp point and thread associated with coach screws makes drilling through wood and other substrates easy. 

They are also available in a number of different finishes, so you can choose the finish most suitable for your project, for example choosing a corrosion resistant finish for exterior projects. 

Coach Screw Applications 


Coach screws are often used to join decking posts together, or to join decking to the posts. Although decking screws are available, for a more secure fit for heavy duty timber, coach screws are a good option. 


Coach screws would be good for attaching the main beam of your pergola to the support posts. The unthreaded section of the screw will add great holding power and support for the beam. Our BZP coach screws would be best for this use, as the zinc plating is exterior grade and assists with preventing corrosion and rust. 

Fence Posts 

Coach screws are also commonly used to fix fence posts. Using these instead of standard coach bolts means that you can avoid drilling through the fence post and can fix the posts together from only one side of the fence. 

Tent Fixing 

An unusual but effective choice here! Coach screws are also known to be used for fixing tents at festivals – oftentimes, screwing them into the ground in replacement of tent pegs can lead to a more secure tent that’s less likely to blow away. Their reusable nature makes them a great option for campers and festivalgoers alike. 

For more information on coach screws, get in touch with our expert team who are happy to advise, or shop here. 

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