Sentinel Silt Trap With Filter And Lid - 830mm Deep x 300mm Diameter With 110mm Outlets

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This pack contains the SS300110ER1 Silt Trap with Catchpit and Filter as well as cover and frame.

The SS300110ER1 Sentinel Silt Trap is a 300mm diameter chamber with catchpit and filter, designed to be put in line in front of a soakaway This silt trap has a depth of 830mm and features two 110mm inlets and two 110mm outlets. This silt traps filter out sediment to help prevent the soakaway silting up thus ensuring longevity and an efficient soakaway system, as well as preventing flooding of the attenuation system.

The Turtle Enviro soakaway silt traps are more technical and efficient than standard silt buckets as they work with a filter / mesh system to properly filter the water (however, as with regular silt traps, these also require regular cleaning out to avoid any blockages). 

We recommend using a silt trap with every soakaway installation to prevent build up within the attenuation systems. Highly recommended in areas where there is the potential of high levels of silt and sand, eg. coastal and heavily landscaped hard standing areas.