Surface Water Pumps For Rainwater Recycling

Surface water pumps are used to move water from the drainage system to a point for reuse. They intake water at one point, and release at another, and can supply domestic appliances such as washing machines and toilets, which are ideal appliances for rainwater recycling.

Features and Benefits of Surface Water Pumps

  • High quality
  • Wear resistance from corrosion and weathering
  • High submersion depth

The key characteristics to look out for in a surface pump are flow rate, discharge height and pressure – if you’re stuck on any of these, get in touch with our experts today.

How does a Surface Water Pump Work?

Surface water pumps are placed outside of the water with a hose from the inlet side which is laid in the water. The pump then sucks up water into the pump system and pushes this to another area.

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