The Cost of Installing Composite Decking

How much is composite decking? 

Using a composite decking calculator can give you a good estimate of decking cost.  However, this approximate calculation only gives you a starting point as you would need to consider several aspects such as:  

  • Cost to install composite decking – this will be based on the deck building company or contractor that you decide to hire  
  • Dimensions - height, width, depth, and square metreage: these will impact how much material you require, and any building relevant factors based on your space or backyard layout 
  • Design – this will be based on the chosen aesthetic and whether you will add accessories  

Composite decking price per m2 can vary based on the material you choose – WPC or Mineral-based. For a composite decking quote, you can call one of our experts or write us an email.  

How long do composite deck boards last? 

Composite decking is a new, environmentally friendly alternative to timber that is produced from reclaimed wood fibres and plastic composites. This type of decking is not associated with the heavy maintenance that natural wood requires. That gives composite decking boards a minimum lifespan of 20 years.  

Is composite decking better than wood? 

In comparison to wood, composite decks have a clear advantage due to their:  

  • Longevity – a minimum of 20 years lifespan 
  • Durability – does not chip, split, splinter, or rot 
  • Sustainability- the boards are made from 95% recycled materials and do not contribute to deforestation 
  • Weather resistance – the composite planks are UV stable, making them fade resistant, while also boosting a slip-resistant surface  
  • Low maintenance – no painting or staining, a soapy wash twice a year is all you need  

So, taking all of the reasons above into consideration – composite decking is better than wood.  

Is composite decking worth it? 

Composite decking prices may be more costly than those of wood but they are completely justified by what they have to offer – greater durability with minimal maintenance.  

Our EcoScape range is supplied with a minimum of 20-year lifespan warranty and a 25-year UV warranty.  

If you have children or pets, composite decking is the best option on the market for you. The boards are slip- and scratch-resistant, making them extremely safe. They also boast a non-splitting and splintering surface for extra security.  

The composite planks are not only low maintenance but they also have a sleek and contemporary finish that will elevate your space. They are also known to increase property prices! Having a usable outdoor space where you can entertain guests or just relax is very appealing to potential buyers.  

In conclusion, composite decking is certainly worth it for all of the benefits it has to offer. If you are looking for a good, worthwhile investment – composite decks is the way to go!