Uses and Types of Ducting

Ducting are pipes used to shield cables and pipes from earth settlement damage. Ducting is a protective material, and whenever cables are buried in the ground they should first be laid in a duct to protect them from any disruption caused by installation.

People rely on the services from wires and cables daily for their gas and electric, TV, internet, phone lines and more. Therefore, it’s best to keep this equipment safe and damage free to ensure they keep working at optimum level and don’t have to be repaired.

Ducting can prevent underground cables from being damaged so easily from earth settlement, but also prevents the cables such as gas cables causing as much damage should the worst happen. The ducting around the cable can prevent electric shocks.

This is a much neater solution too. Different colours of ducting are used for different applications, and you can check which is used for what here.

There are, however, a number of different types of ducting that are best suited for certain things:

Flexible Underground Ducting

The most basic but diverse form of ducting, flexible underground ducting comes in a range of sizes and colours to suit almost any application.

Black is used for electrical services, blue for water pipes and yellow for gas pipes, and since we’re specialists, we also stock the rarer green ducting for telecoms, purple for motorway cabling and orange for street lighting.

This ducting can be joined to make the necessary length you need, and is incredibly strong and versatile in terms of when and how it can be used.

Twinwall Utility Ducting

Twinwall utility ducting can be used when extra strength is needed. This ducting is slightly more rigid and offers more protection, so would be more useful perhaps when ducting under paths, roads and driveways where there might be a lot of traffic and wear.

The same colour codes as underground ducting are used to identify the different types of twinwall ducting.

Telecoms Ducting

This ducting is used specifically for telecoms underground cabling, such as phone lines.

Coiled Electric Polyduct

PolyDuct is a single walled electric duct that is used for incredibly heavy duty applications. Both the inner and outer walls of this type of ducting are smooth.

General Purpose Ducting

General purpose ducting pipes are rigid PVC ducts available in black in a range of different sizes. They are all supplied in 6m lengths with a socketed end, allowing them to be slotted together with ease.

Duct Access Chambers

Duct access chambers are used when access to ducted services are required for maintenance or inspection purposes. The chambers are available in a few different sizes and can be stacked to form the height of the chamber.

BT QuadBox Chambers

These access chambers are the only type specifically approved for use with BT networks. They’re made from strong high-density polyethylene, with an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

The chambers are also ribbed internally to improve performance, and thanks to their modular design the Quad system is ideal for overbuilding on existing ducting networks to provide enhanced protection.

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