What are the best woodscrews?

The UK market is brimming with hundreds of options for premium woodscrews, each promising a new benefit better than the last, so it becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

With over 40 years of fixings and fastener expertise, we’ve seen them all and are continuously keeping an eye on the latest woodscrew technological developments.

Here’s our guide for things to consider when shopping for good quality woodscrews that are value for money.

Features to look for when buying high-quality woodscrews

There are varying qualities of woodscrews available and it is often presumed that they all essentially do the same thing. However, a more premium woodscrew benefits from advanced design and features that make them significantly easier to use and suitable for many different applications.

The main features and benefits to look out for when buying woodscrews online are:

  • Anti-friction lubrication – preventing the woodscrew from overheating or damaging the target material
  • Enhanced Gash Point Tip – helps with precise and simple penetration into materials, reducing the risk of shearing
  • Slotted shank – for reduced wood splitting
  • Reinforced angle heads – often double angled for self-countersinking and more resistant to breakage
  • Optimally angles wax threads – fast and easy to drive
  • Tempered high quality steel – significantly stronger shank

While there are varying quality and price options available on the UK market today, we advise using this checklist as a good basis when comparing the options.

What are the best woodscrews on the UK market?

There are two main options that we consider to be both the best quality as well as best value for money, which are the Velocity Screws by TIMco, and the Unifix Vortex Screws ranges.

Both options embody many (if not all) of the quality characteristics required of a solid, reliable and premium woodscrew.

Although there are many similarities between both options, there are some differing features worth considering.

Velocity screws by TIMco

Velocity Screws by TIMco have a uniquely patented twist shank that is specifically designed to allow for rapid installation into a variety of materials, including:

  • Softwoods
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Plastics
  • Some hard woods

With such versatility, this range is particularly popular for use on construction projects.

They achieve exceptional pull-out resistance and have significantly stronger holding power than other woodscrews.

Advanced technology has enabled Velocity screws to benefit from added elements that improve their performance. These include:

  • “D” shape double countersunk head – is self-gripping and assists in countersinking to help prevent damage to materials
  • 504 salt spray resistance thanks to special plating
  • Reduced torque
  • Anti-friction lubrication
  • CE approved meaning that it confirms to European safety directives

Vortex Power Screws

The Unifix Vortex Screws are CE approved and ideal for use with hardwood, plastic, metal sheets and more.

As one of the most technically advanced screws on the market, the screws have been designed with added features to make installation easy and more precise, by including the following features:

  • Sharp deep head to promote superior cutting through wood
  • Serrated teeth to power through materials
  • Under head sharp milling nibs for easy countersinking
  • Oblique sharp gash point for precision and fast drive
  • Also CE approved

Available in a Bright Zinc Plated and Yellow Passivation (YBZP) finish, this high-quality woodscrew is corrosion resistant and has a significantly longer lifespan than other options.

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