Which Bars Can I Use With My Glazing Sheet?

With such an extensive array of polycarbonate sheets and glazing bars available to meet the skyrocketing demand, you might be scratching your head wondering which thickness of sheet is compatible with which bar.

Fret not, as you’ll be pleased to know that our self-supporting Alukap-SS bars are not only high quality strong bars, but are in fact compatible with all thicknesses of our polycarbonate sheets! The bars’ ability to glaze any thickness of glass, multiwall polycarbonate or solid polycarbonate is the driving force behind such high demand and meets the needs of many projects.

Whether a large scale carport roof or a simple domestic decking cover, be reassured in the fact that we’ve got everything you need online.

If you need a little extra help deciding which sheets are best for your specific application, do get in touch with our team who are always happy to provide advice and recommendations, or if you’re already all measured up, shop polycarbonate sheets and glazing bars here.