Buffalo 110mm Drainage Non Return Valve with Rodent Guard

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Buffalo 110mm Drainage Non Return Valve with Rodent Guard
Buffalo 110mm Drainage Non Return Valve with Rodent Guard
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Code BNRV110
EAN Code 0691208254007
Brand Turtle Enviro
Colour Grey
Material PVC & Rubber
Pack Size Single
Guarantee 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
Specification WRc Tested and Certified
Size 110mm
Pipe Fit For 110mm Drainage Pipe
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The Buffalo non return valve is installed to prevent foul and surface water from flowing back into a property from a blocked sewer system. It also prevents odours from escaping the drainage system and entering a property through un-trapped pipes. This version of the non return valve also features a rodent guard, which when locked in place will stop rodents such as rats from lifting the valve and entering a property through it's drainage system. The stainless steel facing around the rodent guard will not allow chewing and destroying of the valve.

These valves are easily fitted into the inlets of inspection chambers and manholes with no specialist tools required, whether they be plastic or clay.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents backflow of effluent into properties during flooding
  • Can be fitted into 45 degree side inlets in inspection chambers
  • Stops odours from entering properties
  • Water flow is increased as it passes through the valve which reduces blockages.
  • Fits all 100mm internal diameter PVC and clay pipes
  • Ideal for food and catering applications
  • Easily re-useable and refittable, the valve can be inserted and removed and inserted again during maintenance work such as soil/vent stack testing.
  • 5 Year guarantee