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Sewage treatment plants are designed to remove bacteria and other contaminants from waste water. The method of treatment can be physical, biological or chemical or a mixture of all three, depending upon the sophistication of the system in question. The aim of the treatment plant is to produce an environmentally safe effluent and a solid waste that can be disposed of or re-utilised as fertiliser.

We sell a wide range of Sewage Treatment Plants from market-leading brands such as Graf and Clearwater. Sewage Treatment Plants are used in properties that are not connected to a mains drainage system. They collect effluent from household foul drainage systems (WC's, Kitchens, Bathrooms etc) and usually separate it into two chambers, solid and liquid.

How Sewage Treatment Plants Work

The liquid (effluent chamber) is treated using a variety of mechanical and/or chemical processes depending upon the specific system, stimulating helpful bacteria which "clean" the effluent. The resultant "cleaned" liquid, which is generally around 95% clean water, can then be returned to a ditch or natural watercourse. The remaining sludge is removed from the solid chamber by specialist companies on a regular basis as required.

Sizing Of Sewage Treatment Plants

STP's are sized on the amount of persons living in the property or properties that use the STP. Often the treatment plant will be connected to a number of common properties, so we currently offer systems that are up to 55 person occupancy.

Pumped And Gravity Fed

Most STP's have either a gravity fed or pumped option for disposing of the cleaned water. With our Graf and Clearwater Sewage Treatment Plants, an optional pump can be purchased for use with the standard gravity outlet plant. With the WPL tanks there are individual tank options for either pumped or gravity fed.


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