How Do Channel Drains Connect To PVC Drainage?

You can connect domestic Channel Drainage to the Underground Drainage system in one of two ways.

There are three integral bottom outlets in each length of channel drain. If the pipe that you connecting into is at a lower level than the channel drain itself, you should use one of these bottom outlets. Simply cut out the section of base inside the circular outlet and push a piece of 110mm drainage (or the plain end of a single socket bend) straight into the outlet. For peace of mind and a completely permanent joint you can use solvent weld on the joint, although it will be sealed inside the concrete that you set the channel drainage in.

The other way to make the drain connection is to use a D712 end outlet. This is ideal if your main surface water drainage system is located at either end of the run of channel drainage, or if you are running the water away to a soakaway. The End Outlet pushes into the end of any section of the channel drainage, and a 110mm pipe or the plain end of a single socket bend can be pushed straight onto it. There is no need to solvent weld this joint as it will be sealed in the surrounding concrete.

D712 End Outlet Technical Drawing
D712 End Outlet  D712 End Outlet Technical Drawing 

For further information you can watch how the joint is made on our Channel Drainage YouTube Video

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