Rainwater Recycling

Rainwater Recycling

Rainwater Recycling is a simple, environmentally friendly way to reduce water use while at the same time helping to reduce costs. 

Through Rainwater Recycling stormwater is collected from roofs, driveways, carparks, roads and other impermeable surfaces where it can be filtered and stored in a tank underground ready for future use. 

Recycled rainwater can be used in both a domestic and commercial environment as is particularly prevalent in spaces like sports pitches and playing fields.

Individual components for your complete rainwater recycling kits include a pre-filter such as a silt trap, geocellular crates, impermeable membrane and surface water pumps hooked up to a tap or sprinkler system.

Recycling Rainwater

Utilising Rainwater Recycling as a SuDS technique

Rainwater collected from hard surfaces such as roofs, patios and car parks can be stored and reused around your property.

Rainwater Recycling Step By Step

  1. Stormwater flows into a silt trap (or catchpit) to catch debris, improve water quality & prevent blockages further in the system.
  2. The filtered stormwater enters the pre-built geocellular crate system at a size that will hold the required level of stormwater
  3. Stormwater is held in the tank which is wrapped in an impermeable membrane liner - this can be purchased by the roll or as a pre-built shoebox.
  4. The tank can then be attached to a surface water pump which can pump water to a tap or sprinkler for reuse. 
  5. This water can then be used in the garden to water plants or wash the car. 
  6. An overflow discharge pipe can also be added which can connect to the surface water drainage system.

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  1. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed
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  2. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed - Shallow
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  3. Rainsmart Ellipse Triple Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed
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  4. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
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  5. Rainsmart Ellipse Triple Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
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  6. Impermeable Liner For Attenuation - Shoebox Design

    This is a completely custom product. Please send us your measurements for a bespoke quotation.

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