Rainsmart 65 Tonne Heavy Triple Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre

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Rainsmart 65 Tonne Heavy Triple Soakaway Set Flat-Packed 1 Cubic Metre
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Code STM03M3F
EAN Code 0691208255523
Brand Rainsmart
Colour Black
Material Recycled Polypropylene
Pack Size Flat-Packed
Style Crate Only
Tonne Loading 65 Tonne
Dimension 600mm (L) x 1800mm (W) x 1020mm (H)
Size Single Crate
Lateral Load (Tonnes per sqm) 8
Storage Volume 1047 Litres
Soakaway Depth Triple (1020mm)
£315.48 £262.90
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Our Triple Rainsmart 65 Tonne crates are available flat-packed for easy assembly. The dimensions of this cubic metre set when assembled is 600mm (L) x 1800mm (W) x 1200mm (H).

You can view a quick video on assembling flat-packed soakaways below.

Size, load and capacity

Each crate has an overall area of approximately 0.33 cubic metres, enabling 3 crates to be used together to make a 1 cubic metre soakaway.

The Rainsmart heavy soakaway crate has a void ratio of 95%. This is the amount of free space within the crate structure that can be used for rainwater storage. Each crate has a capacity of 236 Litres. This is far superior to traditional hardcore style soakaways.

The high load-carrying ability of the Rainsmart Heavy crate system (vertical crush capacity 65 tonnes per square metre) makes it the ideal system ideal for use in load applications in new housing development, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Joining crates together

Clips are not required to hold the crates together, we recommend the use of cable ties to hold the crates in situ until the side fill is introduced. No clips on any crate system are structural, it is the side fill that holds the installation in place. Cable Ties are included with our 1m³ Soakaway Sets but if you are ordering individual crates and need to join them together you should order the ties separately.

All outward-facing crate surfaces should be always wrapped in a non-woven geotextile membrane, which allows the free passage of water but prevents any soil or sand particles from entering the soakaway, maintaining its long term efficiency.

Connecting Pipes to Soakaways

Rainwater is fed into the soakaway by butting the open end of the stormwater pipe against the crate. Geotextile membrane should be laid over the crates first and then a small cross should be cut in the membrane where it meets the pipe. Fold the membrane back and clamp it around the outside edge of the pipe, which is supported by the side fill. For extra stability, if required a weak concrete mix can be poured around the end of the pipe where it meets the crate.

Consider a pre-filter

For best practice, we always recommend that a pre-filter, such as our Sentinel Silt Trap, is used in conjunction with any modular soakaway system. Emptying the filter on a regular basis (this is only a five-minute job) will maintain the efficiency of the soakaway and greatly increase its lifespan.

For a closer look at Soakaway Crates in general, including installation tips, please take a look at our comprehensive video.