Membranes For Bio-Retention

While a soakaway crate and permeable vegetation partly helps to control the rate of stormwater entering the soil below, the non-woven geotextile membrane on top not only ensures this, but it also makes sure that water is cleansed of all sediment and sand particles before it enters the soakaway crate.

The membrane on the bottom of the crate is what allows the stormwater inside to be dispersed into the soil below at a controlled rate which reduces the risk of flooding and prevents nearby plants from drowning.

Bio-Retention Basin Diagram

What are the benefits of a Bio-Retention basin?

  • A bio-retention basin can increase the value of a property
  • Removes urban pollutants from water
  • Can cater to a variety of storms
  • Has a high ecology and amenity potential
  • They offer many opportunities for landscape designers

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