Soakaway Crates For Recycling

Whilst modern soakaway crates are most commonly used for infiltration, where rainwater feeds into the soakaway structure and slowly filters back into the surrounding soil, they can also be used for rainwater recycling. This is a simple, environmentally friendly way to reduce water use whilst at the same time saving costs.

This can work equally well for both domestic properties and commercial applications such as sports fields.

How does it work?

Soakaway crates are wrapped in a standard geotextile membrane and also a high strength impermeable membrane to stop any water loss. Near to the tank is sited a surface pump, which as required pumps the rainwater back out of the crate system for use in irrigation, car washing etc.

The image below shows a standard domestic application.

Soakaway recycling

Rainwater is fed in to recycling tank from rainwater pipes. It is held within the tank system by the membrane and drawn of as required via the pump.

When the tank is full there is an overflow built in to the crate system which runs to a discharge point - a standard soakaway, surface water drain or watercourse.


We would always recommend that you install a sediment trap prior to the recycling tank. This is a simple device that sits in line in the 110mm drainage pipe and catches all of the dirt, grit and sediment that is washed off of the roof - you will be surprised how much of this there is.

Our Sentinel silt traps are an excellent solution - installation is simple and maintenance is a merely removing the lid every three months or so and lifting out and emptying the silt bucket, then replacing it. The silt bucket even comes with a useful high handle attached to avoid the need to reach into the muddy water.

Commercial Applications

Areas such as sports fields use a huge amount of water in irrigation. Catching this water as it drains, collecting it and reusing is not only a sensible environmental solution, it represents a huge cost saving.
Water is collected by our Nero Drainage Cells over a wide area and channelled into collection points. These again are soakaway crates wrapped in geotextile membrane and impermeable membrane to retain the water. This water is then pumped out of the crates as required for recycling.

The image below explains this graphically.

Sports Field Applications

If you would like further information about these products or you would like us to assist with some design concepts then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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