Permeable Paving For Car Park Drainage

Permeable paving is a great option to install in car parks. Not only does the structure prevent gravel from dispersing in all directions, but also allows for stormwater runoff and collection in the structure, preventing flooding of car parks. Nero Pave can support up to 230 tonne loads, making it incredibly suitable for heavy vehicular traffic.

Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents gravel from dispersing due to interlocking structure
  • Easy to cut and clip together to cover large surface areas
  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled polypropylene


Can I Use Gravel As Permeable Paving? ­-Gravel is a permeable surface and therefore can be used to aid in the car park drainage process. We would, however recommend that you couple this with our Nero Permeable Paving cells. The unique structure of the cells not only will allow for much more water to be held, but can also prevent loose gravel from being dispersed on the surface. Combining the two can lead to a much better result both aesthetically and practically.

How Do I Connect Permeable Paving? – Often, the paving cells are able to simply be clipped together, and this function is built into their design. Most cells will come in a uniform square shape so they can be clipped next to one another neatly. If your paving cell is too big for the space, or needs trimming to fit a particular area, they are easy to cut and fit.

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  1. Naylor Metropave Plus Demarcation Blocks
    1. Code 65120
    2. Brand Naylor
    £1.15 £1.38
  2. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm Permeable Paving
    1. Code 70001
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50mm
    £6.80 £8.16
  3. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm - Pack of 8
    1. Code 70001PK8
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50mm
    £54.05 £64.86
  4. FloPlast Ground Guard Tile - 390mm x 390mm x 40mm
    1. Code G40
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £5.18 £6.22
  5. FloPlast Ground Guard Tile - 390mm x 390mm x 40mm - 3 Boxes of 20
    1. Code G40PACK3
    2. Brand FloPlast
    £284.11 £340.93
  6. Rainsmart Nero Pave 24 SQM - Pack of 80
    1. Code 70001PK80
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 24 Square Metre
    £513.47 £616.16
  7. Rainsmart Nero Pave 50 SQM - Pack of 168
    1. Code 70001PK168
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50 Square Metre
    £954.46 £1,145.35
  8. Rainsmart Nero Pave 200 SQM - Pack of 672
    1. Code 70001PK672
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 200 Square Metre
    £3,918.93 £4,702.72
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10 Items