Uses for Nero Cell and Nero Pave

Nero Cell

Rainsmart Nero Cells are a key component in irrigation and water control. The drainage cells are incredibly lightweight and can be used in a number of applications to assist with water retention and drainage. Here are some of the key uses for Nero Cell:

Underground Drainage – cell structure provides a surface for effective draining of excessive water during heavy rainfalls capturing and discharging rising ground water and transporting it to drainage outlets.

Planter Box Liners – using Nero Cell in planter boxes can help with growth by removing excess water, and retaining this water for future irrigation in drier period, ensuring plants are nurtured all year round.

Streetscaping – streetscaping refers to the natural and built fabric of a street. The cell provides a great platform for water retention and passive irrigation allowing vegetation to flourish making it the  ideal solution for water management of tree lined streets and street gardens.

Sports Field Drainage – installing a suitable water management system underneath sports or playing field can assist with the drainage of waterlogged fields. Coupling Nero Cell and cellular storage crates with a pump and sprinkler system means you could reuse this water for maintenance during drier periods.

Capillary Break – the Nero Cell can act as a non-porous layer in pavement structures to stop the migration of water into the structural layers and affecting the strength and stability of the paving.

Nero Pave

Nero Pave is a 50mm permeable paving system that’s used to create a permeable surface for parking or driving on.. Nero Pave is high load bearing making it the perfect solution for vehicular movement.

Permeable Grass Surfacing – Installing Nero Pave in grassed areas such as car parks , can help reduce sitting water and avoid mud tracks. The cell structure provides a protective casing around the grass nodule making grass regeneration quick and efficient while protecting the root zone from compaction resulting in a natural looking vegetated surface.

Permeable Gravel Surfacing – allows perfect containment of gravel creating a maintenance free surface for parking or driving.

Access Roads – fire lanes or access routes can be constructed of a hard, all-weather surface capable of supporting the heaviest emergency vehicles and equipment.