Tree Root Protection For Streetscaping

Terravault is a cellular crate designed to protect tree foots from foot or vehicular traffic, allowing trees to grow in a healthy and controlled environment. Trees growing alongside car park and road settings are becoming more and more popular and ensuring they can flourish without disrupting the quality of roads and pavements is key.

Features & Benefits of Tree Root Protection

  • Modules can be laid in whatever formation you require
  • Allows room for oxygen and nutrients to get to the tree roots
  • Lets tree roots grow via the path of least resistance

For more information about Terravault, or advice for a specific project, get in touch with our team.


What Are Tree Root Barriers? - Tree root barriers are cellular crate systems designed to protect tree roots from vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Are Exposed Tree Roots A Problem? - In short, yes. Exposed tree roots are a huge tripping hazard for pedestrians, but they can also be detrimental to the trees they support if they're exposed to damage and degradation. We would always recommend using some for of tree root protection for both safety and longevity of streetside trees.

How Can We Protect Tree Roots During Construction? - Construction can be one of the main causes of damage to tree roots. Soil compaction and soil grade changes can have an effect on the health of tree roots, which can lead to branch breakages and even tree death.

You can minimise the damage caused to trees by installing properly placed barricades and protection, and by liaising with all members of the construction project in order to ensure every

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