Channel Drains

We provide a large range of channel drainage options for both domestic and commercial applications, all from high-quality UK manufactures such as FloPlast and Clarkdrain.

Our domestic channel drains can be used on driveways, gardens and many more applications that are subject to light vehicle traffic. If you’re in need of something more heavy-duty, our commercial channel drains can support huge weights of up to 90 tonnes and are often used in areas such as airports and docks.

How Do Channel Drains Work?

All channel drains feature a grated or slotted surface on top, allowing for any water flowing down tarmac or concrete towards them to infiltrate the drain, whilst preventing any debris from entering the system. Once the water has entered, it flows through the pre-formed channel until it reaches the end outlet, which can be connected to a standard 110mm underground drainage pipe in order to allow the water to move into a larger underground drainage system.

How Do You Lay A Channel Drain?

When laying a channel drain, you should first begin by planning out the route of your channel drain before digging a trench. When it comes to digging a trench, we recommend digging the height of your channel drain, with an additional 50mm depth and 100mm on each side. We recommend the extra 50mm depth for filling with compacted sand and the additional 100mm on each side is to be used for concrete side fill. In order to allow for optimum water flow, a fall of approximately 5mm should be dug for every one metre length.

Once the trench has been dug, begin laying and connecting the channels at the lowest point of the trench so that if any of your lengths need to be cut, they are used in the system at the furthest point from the outlet. After you have laid all of the channel lengths required, fit an end cap at the highest point of the run, using silicone sealant to seal the joints. On the other end of the channel drain that features the outlet, fit an underground drainage pipe.

Finally, you may place and secure the grating onto the channel lengths in the trench and fill in the extra 100mm of space each side of the channel with concrete. After the channel drain and concrete have been left to set for 72 hours, the surface can then sustain foot and vehicle traffic.

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  1. Channel Drainage Polypropylene / Ductile Iron - 25 Tonne x 1mtr Length - OUT OF STOCK

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  2. Channel Drainage Grate PVC - 1mtr - Pallet


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  3. Channel Drainage Polymer Concrete - 90 Tonne x 1mtr Length


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  4. Channel Drainage Outlet End Cap


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  6. Channel Drainage End Outlet


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  7. Channel Drainage Sump/ Silt Trap - 25 Tonne


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