Membranes For Leach Drains

Once water is filtered by a sewage treatment plants, membranes will be wrapped around the soakaway in order for the water to be held. If impermeable membrane is used, the water will remain here until it is pumped to another location, or if permeable membrane is chosen, it will allow the water to infiltrate into the ground slowly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Woven and non woven available
  • High quality material
  • Ideal for use with soakaways


How Can You Tell If Your Leach Drain has Stopped Working? - You will know that your leach field has stopped working at optimum performance when you start to spot a few issues. Some things to look out for are slow drainage, rising water, and increase in plant growth, returning flow and bad odours developing in the area.

How Long Can Membranes Work? - Membranes, when designed well and installed correctly, have an incredibly long lifespan. This cannot be exactly determined as it depends on maintenance and the environment in which they're installed, but it is estimated to be over 20 years lifespan.

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