Leach Drains For Treated Waste

Leach Drainage Application

An additional soakaway crate application is as a septic leach drain system. Modules can be easily handled and in order to position them in excavated trenches, forming continuous channels in order to create a drainage field. 

Utilising Leach Drains

After the 2020 legislation surrounding septic tank regulations. Prior to the legislation, there were two ways to discharge separated wastewater from within the septic tank.

  1. To a soakaway system or drainage field – where infiltration will be used. The effluent will percolate through the soil and is broken down by natural bacteria
  2. To a watercourse – the wastewater would flow through a sealed pipe straight into a local watercourse such as stream or river.

The new legislation which came into play in 2020 no longer allows septic tank discharge to a watercourse.

There are now two things that you can do in order to ensure that you comply with the new regulations.

  1. Swap your septic tank and install a sewage treatment plant – the sewage treatment plant will produce water that is clean enough to discharge straight into the watercourse.
  2. Install a drainage field – to disperse your septic tank water safely into the ground through infiltration.

Please note, in order to use a soakaway system as a drainage field you may need to submit an application for an environmental permit.

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