Soakaway Crates For Streetscaping

Our Rainsmart crates can be used as a void filler for planter boxes or for larger streetscaping projects. The soakaways can provide a level surface for planting and construction, and also create an excellent void space for draining excess rainfall in heavy seasons. This assists in keeping the urban environment flood free, improving this both aesthetically and practically.

Features & Benefits Of Soakaway Crates In Streetscaping Environment

  • Add aesthetic value to streets
  • Ensures a constant supply of water to street side plants even in dry seasons, adding life and colour
  • Sub-surface storage keeps the water fresh
  • Eliminates mosquito and vermin breeding grounds

Soakaway crates are a crucial addition to the urban environment. For more information, get in touch with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Soakaway Crates Do? - Soakaway crates effectively act as an underground reservoir to collect water from heavy rainfall. The water is stored here until it is either released into the ground, often in drier months to keep plants healthy, or transported to be used in other applications.

Why Use Soakaway Crates? - In a streetscaping context, holding water in a soakaway system can ensure there's water stored to nourish street environments in the drier months when they're exposed to less water naturally. It can also hold water runoff from roads and pavements, making them safer for pedestrians and vehicles.

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