Geocellular Crates For Attenuation

A series of Geocellular crates, or soakaway crates as they are often called, are used in an attenuation application as an underground void to detain stormwater. Often referred to as a ‘Geocellular attenuation tank’, water enters the system, usually after passing through an attenuation silt trap or catchpit, to then be stored in the tank. The Geocellular crates can hold stormwater due to them being wrapped in specially designed geotextile membranes for attenuation, keeping the tank watertight until it is discharged at a slower, controlled rate later in the system.

There are variations of Geocellular crates depending on the environment in which they are being used for attenuation. A standard Geocellular module has a vertical crush load capacity of 24.2 tonnes per square metre and is typically used in light traffic residential and pedestrian areas as well as beneath driveways and car parks.

Other attenuation requirements within urban environments or commercial projects can be subjected to heavier loads and require a more heavy-duty crate, such as the heavy Geocellular modules. Often used in new housing developments or commercial infrastructure projects, the heavy Geocellular option features a vertical crush capacity of 65 tonnes per square metre – more than double of a standard module.

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  1. Rainsmart Ellipse 5 Cubic Metre Soakaway
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    £819.76 £983.71
  2. Rainsmart Ellipse 10 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90004M3F10
    £1,427.17 £1,712.60
  3. Rainsmart Ellipse 20 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90004M3F20
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  4. Rainsmart Ellipse 50 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90004M3F50
    £5,880.24 £7,056.29
  5. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow 5 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90003M3F5
    £841.40 £1,009.68
  6. Rainsmart Ellipse Shallow 10 Cubic Metre Soakaway
    1. Code 90003M3F10
    £1,463.13 £1,755.76
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