Road Drainage

Road Drainage

Correctly installed road drainage can be used to prevent flooding and pollution on UK highways. Its design serves to trap and remove sediments and other pollutants from stormwater and therefore improve water quality as well as quickly transport water away from the highways.

The installation of a soakaway system or similar scheme reduces peak runoff velocity and promotes infiltration, recharging groundwater.

Infiltration Through Road Drainage

Utilising Road Drainage SuDS schemes

The purpose of SuDS related Road Drainage schemes is two fold - to reduce flow of water which will help prevent flooding and to enhance the quality of water.

Changes to water quantity (stormwater runoff volumes) results from increased impermeable surfaces which leads to higher peak flow rates in streams. This increase in force is causing an impact that is leading to a loss of species that are unsuited to such conditions. 

Water quality coming from roads is often poor due to road construction and vehicle use. There is a greater risk of increased pollutants including litter, suspended solids, toxic organics, nutrients, heavy metals and hydrocarbons. The elevated levels of pollutants can contribute to the accelerated growth of nuisance aquatic plants which can cause a reduction in the levels of dissolved oxygen.

Guide for Road Drainage SuDS schemes

The use of a proper subsoil drainage system will enhance the lifespan of a road and its performance. Utilising rainwater through infiltration or other applications such as grass swales and bio-retention gardens for the treatment of road runoff had the potential to yield significant gains in both water quality and quantity.

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