Membranes For Car Park Drainage

Membranes are crucial in use with soakaway crates for car parks. Permeable membranes can either help disperse the excess rainwater back into the ground at a manageable rate, or impermeable membrane will hold the water in the system until it can be pumped back into the mains. Either way, membranes are great for filtration and keeping water where it should be, and dirt and debris out.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stop gravel and dirt from entering the soakaway system
  • High strength polypropylene


What Is Geotextile for Soakaways? - Geotextiles are used to wrap soakaways and ensure the water collected in the crate void can slowly drain into the surrounding areas. Geotextiles, when used with soakaways crates, will also prevent dirt and debris from entering the crate system and compromising its effectiveness.

Is Geotextile Necessary? - For best results, we would always recommend you use some form of membrane. Whether you use permeable or impermeable membranes will be dependent on the specific requirements of your project, however one should be used to hold the water from car parks and prevent dirt from entering the system.

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  1. Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
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  2. Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr Wide Per Metre
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  3. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
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  4. Geotextile Membrane - 4.5mtr Wide Per Metre
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  5. Impermeable Liner For Attenuation - Shoebox Design

    This is a completely custom product. Please send us your measurements for a bespoke quotation.

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