Permeable Gravel Paving

If you've already got a gravel driveway, adding permeable paving is a great way to make it efficient and cost effective. Ordinarily, gravel can easily be displaced by car tyres, however interlocking permeable paving grids helps retail the gravel in the right place, all whilst minimising flooding risk by storing and discharging excess stormwater back into the ground.

Features and Benefits of Gravel Permeable Paving

  • High load capacity suitable for foot or vehicular traffic - up to 230 tonne per square metre
  • Allow rainwater to permeate and infiltrate
  • Reduces flooding or pooling of water
  • Easy installation thanks to lightweight materials

Why Do I Need Permeable Paving?

You may need permeable paving if you're in an area of flood risk. Permeable paving allows for water to seep and infiltrate back into the ground rather than being obstructed by a solid surface and causing flooding.

Can I Drive On Permeable Paving?

Yes, you can. Nero Permeable Paving has a load-bearing capacity of up to 230 tonnes, meaning it can withhold vehicular weight exceptionally.

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  1. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm Permeable Paving
    1. Code 70001
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50mm
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  2. Rainsmart Nero Pave - 50mm - Pack of 8
    1. Code 70001PK8
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50mm
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  3. Rainsmart Nero Pave 24 SQM - Pack of 80
    1. Code 70001PK80
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 24 Square Metre
    £513.47 £616.16
  4. Rainsmart Nero Pave 50 SQM - Pack of 168
    1. Code 70001PK168
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 50 Square Metre
    £954.46 £1,145.35
  5. Rainsmart Nero Pave 200 SQM - Pack of 672
    1. Code 70001PK672
    2. Brand Rainsmart
    3. Size 200 Square Metre
    £3,918.93 £4,702.72
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