Rainsmart Nero Pave 24 SQM - Pack of 80

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Code 70001PK80
EAN Code 0691208256186
Brand Rainsmart
Material Recycled Polypropylene
Pack Size Pack of 80
Tonne Loading 225 Tonne
Dimension 4800mm (L) x 5000mm (W) x 50mm (D)
Size 24 Square Metre
Soakaway Depth Pave
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Our Pack of 80 Nero Pave paving cells covers an area of 24 square metres. Each of our Nero Pave measures at 600mm (L) x 500mm (W) x 50mm (D).

The paving creates a permeable surface and allows water to infiltrate through the profile, reducing stormwater runoff. Collected stormwater can then be reused and where necessary.

The strong structure and high load capacity means our Nero Pave can support heavy loads of up to 230 tonne per square metre which makes it suitable for use under heavy traffic.

Lightweight and easy to handle the Nero Pave can be installed without the need for any heavy machinery as each pave can easily be clipped together.

The unique hexagonal cut outs allow unrestricted lateral and vertical root development.

Key uses of Nero Pave include uses as:

  • Permeable grass surface for parking or driving
  • Permeable gravel surface for parking or driving
  • Access lanes for construction or emergency services

Surfaces installed with Nero Pave can reduce or eliminate the need for traditional stormwaters structures - the increased porous surface reduces run-off, increases groundwater recharge and improves quality of stormwater discharge.