Heavy Soakaway Crates For Infiltration

Rainsmart’s heavy soakaway crates are used in an infiltration application as an underground void for storing stormwater until it is slowly dispersed into the surrounding soil. Designed for use in commercial-sized underground stormwater storage systems beneath areas of frequent pedestrian and vehicular traffic, these heavy soakaway creates feature a 65 tonne vertical load capacity by default, with an opportunity to increase this to 85 tonnes with the addition of more inner plates during the assembly of the crates. This system also features a lateral crush load of 8 tonnes per square metre.

This breed of crate is suitable for a large range of underground drainage system applications such as new housing developments and commercial infrastructure projects. The following features further ensure a long lasting and reliable infiltration system:

  • Design life in excess of 50 years
  • Resistant to soil-born chemicals
  • Unaffected by moulds and algae
  • Resilient towards bacteria and bitumen

What is infiltration drainage?

An infiltration drainage application is used for holding stormwater underground and allowing it to disperse, or infiltrate into the surrounding soil at a controlled rate with the highest quality of water possible. Stormwater usually enters the system from the guttering of a property, once it flows through the downpipe and into the underground drainage pipes, it can enter an infiltration system.

An infiltration system will most often start with a pre-filter that removes any silt or fine sediment in the water, before allowing it to flow into the main part of the system, that being a soakaway crate wrapped in a membrane. The crate is where the water is temporarily stored and the membrane surrounding it ensures not only that the surrounding soil does not make its way into the system but also that the stormwater leaves the system at a controlled rate.

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