Inspection Chambers

In our vast inspection chamber range, we offer both full one piece inspection chambers as well as separate inspection chamber components to allow for chamber construction flexibility and easier storage on site. All of our components, from chamber bases to risers, are made from high quality UK manufacturers such as ClarkDrain and FloPlast and are compatible with a wide variety of underground drainage systems.

We also stock a range of bottle and yard gullies, allowing for additional connections to be created into your drainage system and preventing odours from escaping.

What is the use of an inspection chamber?

Inspection chambers are a key component of underground drainage systems. In order for said systems to remain efficient and in good condition, there must be access points that allow for the underground pipes to be inspected, hence the name inspection chamber. Regular inspection of an underground drainage system is crucial as it will allow for any pipe blockages to be detected and removed if necessary.

From these access points, drain rods can be inserted and moved around to dislodge any material that has accumulated in the underground drainage pipes before jetting it away.

Where do you need an inspection chamber?

Inspection chambers should be placed in an underground drainage system in any place where there is a change in direction of more than 30 degrees in the pipework, or in larger applications where a straight pipe run continues for more than 22 metres.

How do you fit an inspection chamber?

The video below shows how to fit an inspection chamber into an underground drainage system.

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  1. Inspection Chamber Level Invert Base and Riser One Piece - 250mm Diameter - OUT OF STOCK

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  2. Inspection Chamber Complete Set - 300mm Diameter


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  3. Inspection Chamber Set Block Paving - 300mm Diameter


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