Permeable Grass Paving - Nero Pave Applications

Our Nero Pave can be installed in a variety of ground environments in order to create a permeable surface that allows water and other liquids into the soil for either re-use for hydration purposes or if installed along with Nero Drainage Cells and an Ellipse Soakaway Crate, for water storage. In this article we will discuss and provide example for the different types of ground surfaces that Nero Pave can be installed upon.


The hexagonal holes in each cell of pave on all sides allow for the development and growth of grass roots. This allows for grass to grow and look as it would naturally, masking the pave look entirely once the grass has grown long enough. Once the grass has fully grown, the roots interlock between the holes of the plastic paving and become secure.

The cell structure provides protective casing around the grass nodule which encourages grass regeneration and improves its speed. The high loading capacity also protect the roots from being damaged by compaction as the cell takes all of the weight. This creates a natural, healthy look grass surface even in an area of high weight and volume traffic.

The 95% internal void ratio gives more space for root development. Ground surfaces with Nero Pave installed can reduce or eliminate the requirement of traditional stormwater structures. When permeable surfaces are soaking in water, they reduce runoff, increase groundwater recharge and improve the quality of stormwater discharge.


Nero paving allows for a permeable surface to be created upon gravel, ideal for parking or driving. These cells are perfect, solid containers for gravel due to their hexagonal pores and their extreme load capacity. A gravel filled Nero Pave system is maintenance free which makes it perfect for commercial car parks.


Fire and access lanes must be constructed from solid, durable and all-weather resistance material due to the extreme heavy weight of emergency and construction vehicles. Nero Pave combined with either soil or gravel is a perfect solution for this. The high-confined crush strength of Nero Pave goes hand in hand with an easy installation to create a tried and test dependable solution for access and fire lanes.