Membranes For Streetscaping

Non-woven membranes are ideal for streetscaping. Coupled with soakaway crates, they're a great option for ground reinforcement, soil stabilisation and much more. Membranes wrap the outside of the soakaway crates to assist in water retention and growing lively plants.

Features & Benefits of Membranes in Infiltration

  • Block the ingress of soil and sand particles
  • Helps maintain the efficiency of soakaways
  • Assists in keeping street-side plants watered and vibrant in drier months

What Is The Difference Between Woven and Non-Woven Geotextile? - Woven geotextile is made by weaving polypropylene together, whereas non-woven geotextile is formed by bonding fibres together with heat or chemicals. Woven fabric tends to be stronger than non-woven due to the fact that it is reinforced by thread crossing other thread, which creates a stronger, denser barrier.

Should You Lay Membrane Under Gravel? - It's completely optional - using a membrane underneath gravel can help prevent weeds from growing yet allows for natural elements to grow and permeate the soil beneath.

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