Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll

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Geotextile Membrane Non Woven - 4.5mtr x 100mtr Roll
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Non Woven Geotextile Membrane is to be used in filtration and separation applications coming in a 4.5M x 100M roll. This membrane is particularly effective when used in wrapping the outward faces of a soakaway to allow water movement while stopping sand and soil particles from moving through the membrane.

Additional non-woven geotextile membrane includes usage for soil stabilisation, retaining walls, road sub-bases and construction works, filtration systems and for ground reinforcement.

Also available to purchase by the metre.

The specification sheet for this product can be viewed here: Geotextile Membrane - GEOTEXNW - Product Specification Sheet