Ellipse Soakaway Crate Assembly Instructions

Great news, your soakaway crate has arrived. Now the fun really starts, it's time to build your soakaway crate.

Taks a look below at our assembly instructions for your Rainsmart Ellipse Double Soakaway Crate.

Ellipse Soakaway Assembly Instructions

Ellipse Double Soakaway Crate Component List

Download the assembly instructions PDF

If you need any further information there is plenty more information in our

Items you will need

  1. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Assembled
    1. Code 90004
    £49.18 £59.02 £61.47 £73.76 Save 20%
  2. Rainsmart Ellipse Soakaway Crate Flat-Packed
    1. Code 90004F
    £46.07 £55.28 £57.59 £69.11 Save 20%